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Latest angiography equipment

The Cardiology Clinic in Tokuda Hospital Sofia has three angiographs – modern equipment for invasive diagnostics and therapeutic procedures for treatment of the coronary blood vessels.

The newest angiograph in Tokuda is the latest generation Innova GE Healthcare and it is the most contemporary technology for invasive treatment of cardio-vascular diseases in Bulgaria.

The apparatus combine the last visions for the future of the invasive cardiology in help of the best and latest methods for treatment of coronary vessels’ diseases like: ischemic heart disease, acute myocardium infarction, acute coronary syndrome, acute and chronic heart insufficiency, chronic and total occlusions of the blood vessels, stenosis of the carotid artery, etc.

With the latest angiograph in Tokuda Hospital is possible the execution of 3D reconstructions and maximum fine positioning when inserting stents. An 8-megapixel picture in 56-inches monitor gives extremely clean and brilliant image of the coronary vessels, so the cardiologist can make the most informative decision about the eventual treatment. The angiograph has the function to combine different modalities, adding images from diagnostic equipment like ultrasound, magnetic-resonance imaging and computer tomography. This allows even better precision in evaluation of the heart blood vessels’ condition and the eventual interventions.

The apparatus has big capabilities for mutual interdisciplinary procedures together with cardiac surgeons, neurologic surgeons, vascular surgeons, etc.

From the patients view point, it’s not less important the new equipment ability to operate with less radio emissions,  due to the precision of the x-ray dosage, needed for direct observation of the cardiac vessels.

The potential of the new apparatus contributes for the applying of innovative approaches in the interventional cardiology. The newest methods of treatment, approved and executed in the most developed parts of the world, are also available in the Cardiology Clinic of Tokuda Hospital.

Along with the professionalism and the rich experience of the team, the Clinic is rated among the best on national and European level.

Brief characteristics of the new angiograph Innova IGS 520:

 - Extremely brilliant images of the digital detector, optimized for interventional procedures in the sphere of cardiology.

 - Low levels of radio emissions for the patients.

 - Modern clinical applications allowing precision of the treatment via 3D images reconstructions, highlighted view of the stent, allowing fine tuning during insertion, specializes techniques for additional decreasing of the radiation dosage for the patient without compromising the quality of the image.

 - 8-megapixel 56-inches monitor, allowing the cardiologist to track down even the smallest details in the image, and to take precise decisions regarding treatment.





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Hospital location

51B Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Blvd., Sofia, 1407 (if you drive, the entrance is from Atanas Dukov str.)

The hospital has a parking lot for patients and visitors. The first 30 min. are free of charge, every next hour is 3BGN/hrs.
IMPORTANT! Have in mind that the parking lot is very busy Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 14.00. The hospital team will appreciate if those whose health condition allow, take the drop off option without parking or use other transport means or alternative parking lots in the area.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120

Metro lines: You can get off at James Bourchier or Vitosha metro station and walk to the hospital.


From the Central Railway Station

Bus: take bus #305 and get off at Romanian Embassy stop, then transfer to bus #120 to Tokuda Hospital stop.

Metro: Take metro line Nadezda-Lozenetz and get off either at James Bourchier or Vitosha metro station, then walk to the hospital.