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Eating Disorders Treatment Center

Eating Disorders Treatment Center "Vasiliya" is the first facility for complex diagnostics and treatment of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.


The initiative for establishing the center came from Mrs. Yavora Stoilova whose daughter - Vasiliya, a famous bulgarian artist, lost the fight with anorexia. The Eating Disorders Treatment Center was Vasiliya's dream - that there will be a place, where people with eating disorders will receive holistic medical care.

When a hospital stay is necessary, patients are hospitalized in modern and comfortable enviroment, with respect of their confidentiality.

The center's multiprofile team consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, gastroenterologists and other specialists.

In order to schedule a consultation with our psychiatrists - specialist in treating eating disorders - Dr. Boyadzhieva, please call: +359 2 403/ 4000. Dr. Boyadzhieva's examination room is located on the third floor of Tokuda Medical Center.

Upon your first visit a Tokuda patient card will be issued to you at the Information desk.

Eating Disorders Treatment Center "Vasiliya" team:

Dr. Svetlana Boyadjieva - psychiatrist, specialist in treatment of eating disorders.

Dr. Svetlana Boyadjieva, MD, graduated from Sofia Medical Academy in 1979. From 1983 till 2001 she worked as an assistant and senior assistant in the Faculty of Psychiatry in Sofia Medical Academy. She has specialized in psychiatry, family therapy and pediatric psychiatry. Since 1987 she works in the field of eating disorders, in 1994 she receives her PhD in this area, and in 1994 she established a specialized eating disorders examination office, where she applies her holistic therapeutic program.

D-r Boyadjieva is the author of a number of books and monographies in the field of anorexia and bulimia. She has over 60 sciantific publications regarding eating disorders. She is a member of the European Council on Eating Disorders and has participated in many international therapeutic programs.

Prof. Boyan Lozanov, MD - Head of Department of Endocrinology and Nephrology Clinic

Prof. Boyan Lozanov is a specialist in endocrinology and metabolism diseases. He has graduated Medicine in the Medical University in Plovdiv (1958). He has specialty in Internal medicine (1965) and Endocrinology (1969). PhD thesis: 1977 - for a doctor of medicine, 1992 - Doctor of Medical Sciences (1992). Specialized tireoidology in England (University of New Castle, London and Oxford). Qualificationas associate professor accomplished in 1985 and professor of endocrinology - in 1993. He has 169 scientific publications, 151 of them scientific articles in Bulgarian and foreign medical journals and 18 books, monographs. His main research interests and contributions are mainly in tireoidologiy: pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune yoddefitsitnite thyroid disease and others. Head of the Clinical Center of Endocrinology at the Medical University of Sofia (1992 - 2000) and the Clinic for Diseases of the thyroid and bone mineral exchange the same from 1986 to 2002). National Consultant in Endocrinology (1997-2000). Consultant in Endocrinology at the University Hospital "Lozenets" (2006-2011). Currently working in "Tokuda Hospital Sofia" Internal Medicine Clinic. Member of Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology since its foundation, editor of the official publication of the company - journal "Endocrinology" 1996 to date. Member of the European Thyroid Association (ETA) and the European Society of Endocrinology (ECE). Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts (BASA) and the editorial board of its journal "Bulgarian medicine."

He has received several prestigious awards in the field of medicine, including "Asklepius" of the Sofia University for his contributions to medical science for 2001 and the Military Academy Award "Prof. Constantine Chilov" contribution to the development of internal medicine in 2004.


Prof. Simeon Stoynov, MD - Head of Gastroenterology and Pulmology Clinic

Prof. Stoynov graduated for Sofia Medical University in 1969. He is a specialist in internal diseases and gastroenterology, He was the Head of Gastroenterology Faculty in Sofia Medical University for over ten years. He was the head of gastroenterology clinics and gastroenterology clinical trials center. He is the president of Bulgarian Society of Gastroenterology and a member of the International Gastro-Surgical Club and the Organisation Mondiale de Gastro-Entérologie. Prof. Stoynov has over 150 scientific publications in Bulgarian and foreign magazines and has taken part in over 60 national and international congresses and forums.

His scientific interest is focused mainly in the field of intestinal diseases and inflamatory bowel diseases.


Dr. Luchezar Lozanov - Head of Endocrinology Dept.

Dr. Lozanov graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1992, and has two specialities one in internal diseases and in endocrinology. The first three years of of his career he worked as a member of the cardiology department team under the leading academic professor Chudomir Nachev. In 1995, he began working in the “Specialized Endocrinology University Hospital for active treatment Academic Ivan Penchev”, where he added eleven years of experience from the hypophysis, adrenal, and gonad gland disease clinics. He joined the internal medical department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia at the beginning of the project.


Dr. Desislava Gorcheva- endocrinologist

Dr. Gorcheva graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1994, and has specializations in internal diseases and endocrinology. She has worked in the Greenburg Medical Center, the 25th Sofia Medical Center, and the 5th General Hospital. She has completed echography courses for the diagnosis of thyroid gland diseases. She has been a member of our team since our hospital opening.


Dr. Boyka Kostova - internal diseases and endocrinology specialist

She graduated from Sofia Medical University in 1996. She has professional experience as a dietologist and as a doctor in emergency room for three years after her graduation. She is a part of "Tokuda Hospital Sofia" team since June 2008.


Dr. Rozalina Balabanska - gastroentrologist

Dr. Balabanska graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1987, she earned her speciality in internal diseases in 1996, and added her speciality in gastroenterology and nutrition in 1999. She worked in the gastroenterology clinic of the Miltary Medical Academy and the 5th General Hospital where she gained fourteen years of experience under the mentorship of the leader academic Professor Grigor Mechkov.

She specialized in gastroenterology and endoscopic echography in the “National Cancer Disease Research and Treatment Center” in Milan, Italy, and has specializations from Holland, England, Greece and Russia. For over ten years, she worked on international programs for the treatment of viral hepatitis.  She performs hepatic biopsies, precision punctures assited by echography, and paracentisis. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Italian. She is a member of the International and Bulgarian Association of Surgeons and Gastroentrologists, the European Association of Ultrasound in Medicine, and the Bulgarian 
Gastroentrology Society. She has numerous national and international publications, she writes a medical gastroenterology column for the Medical magazine “Meditzinski Magazine”, she joined our team in March 2007.


Dr. Radin Tzonev- gastroenterologist

Dr. Tzonev graduated from the Military Medical Institute, Sofia in 1988, where he earned 18 years of experience. From 1994 to 2007 he worked in the 5th General Hospital in the gastroenterology department of the medical clinic. He earned a specialization in internal diseases in 1995 and specialized in gastroenterology in 1997. In 1992, he completed additional qualifications courses in abdominal echography.  He completed coursework in 1993 for invasive echography under the mentorship of Professor N. Grigorov, and later under the leadership of the leading Academic Professor G. Mechov. Since 2002, he has been qualified to conduct blind and precision hepatic (liver) biopsies.

He is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Gastroentrologists and the Association of Ultrasound Medicine, and The International Association of Gastroentrologists and Surgeons. He completed post-graduate qualification courses in 1995 in Athens, Greece. He was awarded a two month specialization course in endoscopy and echo-endoscopy held in Rome, Italy in the Catholic Jemeli University hospital lead by Professor Guido Kostmania. In the year 2000, he specialized in Arnhem, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, Holland in 2000.  Dr. Tzonev completed a two month specialization course in Nice, France in 2003. He has numerous publications in the national and international scientific journals. He is fluent in English, Russian, and is semi-fluent in Italian.


Dr. Ani Chavushyan- gastroenterologist

Dr. Chavushyan graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1994, and has a specialization in internal diseases and gastroenterology. She worked for four years in the Sofia Medical Academy, after which she worked in the 5th General Hospital. She has been a member of Dr. Asen Petrov’s team since the opening of our hospital.



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Hospital location

51B Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Blvd., Sofia, 1407 (if you drive, the entrance is from Atanas Dukov str.)

The hospital has a parking lot for patients and visitors. The first 30 min. are free of charge, every next hour is 3BGN/hrs.
IMPORTANT! Have in mind that the parking lot is very busy Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 14.00. The hospital team will appreciate if those whose health condition allow, take the drop off option without parking or use other transport means or alternative parking lots in the area.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120

Metro lines: You can get off at James Bourchier or Vitosha metro station and walk to the hospital.


From the Central Railway Station

Bus: take bus #305 and get off at Romanian Embassy stop, then transfer to bus #120 to Tokuda Hospital stop.

Metro: Take metro line Nadezda-Lozenetz and get off either at James Bourchier or Vitosha metro station, then walk to the hospital.