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Research projects

The Medical Imaging Department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia is committed to providing quality care to patients and to conduct innovative clinical imaging research.

The Medical Imaging Department participates in two different categories of research projects – those initiated by the Department itself and  those supported research projects conducted by external parties. All projects have an official approval by the Hospital Ethical Committee.

The Medical Imaging Department offers several opportunities for students and residents interested in pursuing a career in an environment that promotes both professional and academic excellence.

If You are interested in applying for a research assistantship in a particular project You are advised to contact us at:

Medical Imaging Department
Tokuda Hospital Sofia
51B Vapzarov blvd
1407 Sofia
tel. 403 49 20 



Public concern regarding the health risks of ionizing radiation reached its peak in the last 20 years, due to the enormous use of computed tomography. The widespread of MDCT as a basic imaging modality, and diversity of computed tomography protocols and patient radiation exposure require a new management approach in promoting, performing and controlling the diagnostic imaging process.

The aim of the project is to identify challenges, available tools, and opportunities for improving the patient's dose in the MDCT sector of a general radiology department.


People, involved in the project:

G.Kirova, MD, PhD, radiologist

E.Georgiev, med.physicist

Cv.Zasheva, radiographer

Sv.Georgiev, IT specialist



  1. G. Kirova, E. Georgiev, C. Zasheva, A. St. Georges; Dose tracking and radiology department management; Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal, Oxford University Press, 2015
  2. G.Kirova, E.Georgiev, C.Zasheva, S.Georgiev; Dose management as a measurable criteria into the quality control programme of an imaging diagnostic department; Rentgenologia and Radiologia; in press
  3. E.Georgiev, G.Kirova; Dose tracking – local experience; XV National Congress of BAR, 28-30 Sept. 2013, Sofia
  4. G.Kirova, Dose tracking and Radiology Department management; International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine, 30May-2June, 2014, Riviera Holiday
  5. E.Georgiev, G.Kirova, C.Zasheva; Radiation dose tracking and protocols adjustment. How we did it? Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine, 30May-2June, 2014, Riviera Holiday


The number of women with breast implants is increasing which poses the question of adequate visualization of the prosthesis itself as well as the underlyed breast parenchyma.

The aim of the study is to develop specific sequences that are aimed at the visualization of silicone and provide concurrent suppression of the water and soft tisue signal.


People, involved in the project:

V. Ivanov, MD, radiologist

E. Georgiev, med.physicist

T.Marov, radiographer



E. Georgiev, V. Ivanov, G. Kirova, P. Ilieva; Magnetic Resonance imaging technique for selective tissue suppression after augmented mammoplasty; Roentgenologiq&Radiologia; in press



Stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world. The time from the stroke onset to thrombolytic treatment often exceeds the timeframe for effective thrombolytic, which is 4.5 hours.


The aim of the QUICK Stroke Initiative is to improve patient outcomes and decrease stroke mortality by reducing delays in the stroke management process. The goal is to improve the logistical efficiency, which will decrease the number of untreated patients for whom the timeframe is currently missed. Triggering the procedure time whether a diagnostic suspicion of stroke is present will shorten the delays and will improve the interaction of professionals along each step of the stroke management process. 

At the European recommended time from door the needle in the hospital is sixty minutes. Thanks to this project we have developed a protocol for thrombolytic treatment in the hospital. 

Departments, involved in the project and protocol:


Medical Imaging


Computer Tomography

Section Medical Imaging o…


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