Tokuda Hospital Sofia



The department team consists of physician-specialists and specialized nurses, most of which have trained and specialized abroad.

Prof. Hristo Tsekov, MD, PhD, Neurosurgery Clinic Chief Prof. Tzekov graduated medicine from Medical University, Sofia in 1972. He has two specialties - General Surgery and Neurosurgery. He has specialized in Russia, Germany and Austria. For 10 years prof. Tsekov is a department chief of Neurosurgery Department at University Hospital Alexandrovska and University Hospital St. Ivan Rilski, Sofia. Since 2008 he is part of Tokuda Hospital’s Neurosurgery team of which he is Department Chief. He performs surgery in the area of pediatric neurosurgery, spinal and cranial surgery and vascular neurosurgery, traumatology, degenerative and other diseases. Author and co-author of over 150 scientific publications, several textbooks and monographs.
Valentin Pelinkov, MD, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon Dr. Pelinkov graduated from the Plevin Medical University in 1988, and received specializations in neurology and neurosurgery. After his graduation, he began working as an intern in the municipal hospital Cherven Bryag in the neurology department, after which he worked in the Plevin Medical University, the university hospital Alexsandrova, the university hospital Tzaritza Yoanna, and the Military Medical Academy. He has completed postgraduate medical training courses in microsurgery and neurotraumatology, and completed coursework in nueroendoscopy in Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Pelinkov worked in one of the largest hospitals in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has been a member of our hospital team since we opened to serve the public.
Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Nakov, MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon Dr. Nakov graduated Medicine from Medical Academy Sofia in 1992. He specialized Neurosurgery in The Department of Neurosurgery in Medical Academy Sofia under the guidance of Prof. Dr. M. Marinov, PhD. He acquired Neurosurgery specialty in 2000. After his graduation in 1992 he was distributed to work as a regional doctor in Kostenetz. From 1993 to 2010 he worked as a resident and neurosurgeon in the Neurosurgery Clinic of St. Anna University Hospital - Sofia. From 2010 to 2012 Dr. Nakov was a senior doctor in the same clinic. In 2012 he was appointed as a Department Chief in the Neurosurgery Clinic in Military Medical Academy - Sofia. Since 2016 he is part of the Neurosurgery team of Tokuda Hospital Sofia.
Dr. Nakov has completed several specializations in the area of Neurosurgery in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2008 he completed classes in treating degenerating disc disease and treating spinal trauma (AO Spine). In 2011 he passed training in treating of spinal fractures through minimally invasive techniques - EACCME in London, Great Britain and training in vascular microsurgery in the Laboratory of microsurgery, University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015 Dr. Nakov acquired PhD degree in Neurosurgery with dissertation topic: "Results from the early operative treatment of ruptured brain aneurisms" under the guidance of Prof. Dr. T. Efremov, PhD.
The professional interests of Dr. Nakov are in the sphere of vascular neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and treatment of degenerative disc disease.
Dr. Nakov is a member of the Bulgarian Society of Neurosurgery and Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS).
Toma Spiriev, MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon Dr. Spiriev was born in Sofia. He graduated Medicine from Medical University Sofia in 2009, He is laureate of Prof. Asen Zlatarov Award (Medical University Sofia, 2008) and Acad. Metodi Popov (Eurica Fundation, 2009). He is also Student of the Year for 2009 in the Meidicine and Sports Categories. Dr. Spiriev was trained in internships in Neurosurgery and Nuero Sciences in Spain, Italy, Japan, Holland and France. He participated in numerous Bulgarian and foreign congresses and his projects in the sphere of neurosurgery was prized many times. He is author and co-author of 6 publications in Bulgarian and foreign magazines. He is chairman of the Student Circle of Neurosurgery (2006-2009) in University Hospital 'St. Ivan Rilski'. He works in Tokuda Hospital since 2010. He speaks English and French.
Asen Tsekov, MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon Dr. Tsekov was born in Sofia. He graduated deom Medical University Sofia in 2011. He participates in many Bulgarian and foreign congresses, and his projects in the sphere of neurosurgery are prized numerous times. He developed and participated in over 30 scientific researches. He is author an co-author of 9 publications in Bulgarian and foreign magazines. Dr. Tsekov started work in Tokuda Hospital in Neurosurgery Department in 2011. In 2012 he acquired his specialty. He speaks English and Spanish.
Nikolay Gergelchev, MD, Neurosurgeon
Lili Laleva, MD, Neurosurgeon Dr. Lili Laleva was born in Sofia. She has graduated her secondary education from First English Language School in 2004 and higher eduaction - from Medical University Sofia in 2010. She is lauraete of the awards: Acad. Metodi Popov (2008), Prof. Asen Zlatarov (2008) and Rotary Club for support to the development of Bulgarian Science (2009). She has numerous publications and particiaptions in foreing congresses. She was trained in internships in Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Greece and Turkey. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian. She is spicializing doctor in Neurosurgery Department of Tokuda since 2011.
Plamen Simeonov, MD, Neurosurgeon
Milko Milev, MD, Neurosurgeon





Hospital location

51B "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" blvd. (if you drive, the entrance is from "At. Dukov" str.), "Hladilnika" distr., 1407 "Lozenets".

The hospital has a parking lot. The first 30 min. are free of charge, then a fee of 3 bgn/hours applies.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120
Shuttle bus: 32

Subway: Getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.


From the Central Railway Station

Bus line №305 getting off at "Romanian embassy" stop
From "Romanian embassy" stop – Bus line №120 getting off at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.
(after the traffic lights at "Atanas Dukov" str.

With a subway, from "Central Railway Station" station, getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.