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Our physician team includes four ophthalmology specialists, one of which is a pediatric ophthalmologist. Each member of our team has over 8 years of specialist experience, has worked in national university eye clinics, and our team members have earned specializations in leading universities in the UK, Germany and Japan.

Alek Topov, MD, Ophthalmology Dept. Chief Dr. Alek Topov graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1995 and received his specialization in ophtalmolgy in 2002. He completed a post-graduate course in Germany in 2000 and started working in the Alexandrova University Hospital's Ophtalmology department in 1996. Dr Topov is a part of Tokuda Hospital Sofia's work team since 2008, and on 24th April 2012 he became Ophtalmogy Department Chief. He passed extra qualification courses in the field of surgical treatment of cataracta, glaucoma and refractvie laser surgery (laser vision correction). Dr Topov's professional interest is based mainly in the field of microsurgery of the eye.
Liliana Dimitrova, MD, Ophthalmologist, Pediatric Ophthalmologist Dr. Dimitrova graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1990, and received earned her pediatric ophthalmologist specialty in 1996. During her specialization training and for 10 years after receiving her specialization she worked in the Alexsandrova university hospital in the pediatric eye clinic. She has vast experience diagnosing and treating inflammatory eye diseases among children and adults. She has been a member of our hospital since we opened, and she has earned medical specializations from university hospitals in London, Brussels and Tokyo. She has a contract with the Bulgarian National Insurance fund (NHIF) for outpatient and inpatient medical care to provide consultations and treatments for both children and adults. Dr. Dimitrova also actively works with children with impaired vision from the "Louis Braille" school in Sofia, and various homes for disadvantaged children.
Yulia Baraharska, MD, Ophthalmologist Dr. Baraharska graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 1996, and received her specialization in eye diseases from the university hospital Alexsandrova in 2002. She has worked in the Eurozdrave Medical Center, and the Cardio Plus Center in the Military Medical Academy, and she has been a member of our department since we opened the hospital. Dr. Baraharska has participated in the experience exchange program within the Tokushukai Hospital Network in Japan. She has a contract for outpatient and inpatient medical care with the NHIF to provide consultations and treatments for eye diseases.
Vladislava Kostalevska, MD, Ophthalmologist Dr. Kostalevska graduated from the Sofia Medical University in 2002, and specialized in the Alexandrova university hospital for four years. She has additional medical qualifications for glaucoma received in Geneva, Switzerland in 2006, and for retinal detachment received in Monte Carlo in 2007.

She has also completed a post graduate medical training course for the posterior ocular segment held in Dortmund Germany in 2008. Dr. Kostalevska regularly participates in specialized medical conferences, symposia and seminars locally and abroad. She has been a member of our department team since 2008.
Vladimir Chaushev, MD, Ophthalmologist Dr. Chaushev graduated from Medical University Sofia in 1995. In 2002 he acquired Ophthalmology specialty. After his graduation he worked for two years in the Eye diseases Department of Military Medical Academy. From 1997 to 2008 he was part of the Ophthalmology Clinic in University Hospital St. Anna, Sofia. From 2008 to 2009 he worked in St. Sofia Hospital. He is part of the Tokuda Hospital Sofia team since 2009. His professional interests are in the sphere of laser surgery of eye diseases.
Silviya Stoyanova, MD, Ophthalmologist She graduated medicine from Medical University Sofia in 2007. Right after her graduation she was admitted as a voluntier in Tokuda Hospital Sofia. In 2009 she won a competition for regular residency in Ophthalmology Department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. Since August 2012 she worked as a regular ophthalmology doctor in the same department. In May 2015 she acquired her specialty in Ophthalmology. She speaks English and Spanish.
Acad. Prof. Pravoslava Guguchkova, MD, PhD, DSc, Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology Dept. Consultant Acad. Prof. Dr. Guguchkova is a famous ophthalmologist with long experience especially in the vitreous surgery. She has hundreds of scientific publications and personal inventions. She introduced for the first time in Bulgaria new surgical interventions for cataract surgery, implantation of intraocular lens, surgery of the retina and the vitreous body. She has quite big experience in the laser surgery for correction of short and long sightedness. She operated as a guest surgeon in Cuba, Israel and Macedonia.
Head Nurse Snezhana Lukarska, RN
Slavena Stoykova, MD, Ophthalmologist, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Multiprofile Pediatric Center
Adelina Hadzhiyska, MD, Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology Outpatient Room
Iliyana Ilieva, MD, Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology Outpatient Room




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Hospital location

51B "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" blvd. (if you drive, the entrance is from "At. Dukov" str.), "Hladilnika" distr., 1407 "Lozenets".

The hospital has a parking lot. The first 30 min. are free of charge, then a fee of 3 bgn/hours applies.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120
Shuttle bus: 32

Subway: Getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.


From the Central Railway Station

Bus line №305 getting off at "Romanian embassy" stop
From "Romanian embassy" stop – Bus line №120 getting off at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.
(after the traffic lights at "Atanas Dukov" str.

With a subway, from "Central Railway Station" station, getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.