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Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery

Our modern radiotherapy department offers world class medical care and provides multidisciplinary and full cycle oncology treatment via collaboration amongst our surgical teams, hematology and chemotherapy department, oncologists, and oncology committee.

Our Key Benefits: 

Our department is equipped with a modern linear accelerator with the capacity to perform Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which allows us to aggressively treat oncology diseases while minimizing any harm to our patients’ healthy tissues and organs. We also are specializing in offering innovative radio-surgery interventions, which has wide applications to effectively treat brain tumors, brain metastases, and liver cancers.

3D view of the linear accelerator: 

360° view:

Our Featured Treatment Procedures: 

I. Palliative inpatient radiotherapy treatment course 2,700 EURO, includes an up to five day hospital stay.  

II. Radiotherapy inpatient treatment course 7,200 EURO, includes an up to thirty day hospital stay.

III. Radio chemotherapy inpatient treatment  course 7,600 EURO*, includes an up thirty day hospital stay. 

IV. Radio surgery procedure 12,100 EURO*, includes an up to five day hospital stay. 

The above medical services packages include routine pre and post procedure clinical exams and assessments, treatment planning, and 24 doctor and nursing care, as well as includes a private hospital room and full meals for the entire hospital stay. 

*Specialized medications or medical supplies may be required depending on the specific medical case. Prior to medical service the patient will be informed of any additional charges which are subject to their consent.  

Our Team: 

Our team consisting of highly specialized and qualified medical professionals lead by Dr. Rumen Lazarov.

Dr. Rumen Lazarov- Department Chief

Dr. Lazarov graduated from the Sofia Medical Academy with the highest academic honors. He has earned his medical specialties in medical radiology and oncology. Dr. Lazarov is a highly qualified specialist with expert knowledge in radiotherapy and oncology gained during 18 years of professional experience. He has actively participated in the introduction of computer tomography diagnostics and tumor staging, with which new methods of individualized CT radiotherapy planning are based upon for patients with Hodgkin’s disease, and testicular, lung, and pelvic tumors. 
Dr. Lazarov participated actively in the entire process of planning, construction, and bringing into operation of our Elekta Linear Accelerator radiotherapy system.  He has also implemented new radiotherapy planning and treatment methodologies using our Elekta Linear Accelerator for patients with head, neck, thoracic, and abdominal tumors. He also trains our personnel to work with the equipment, planning software, and to administrate the data from our linear accelerator.  Combining his practical knowledge and scientific interest he successfully completed two clinical trials one for Gerisan in 2000, and one for Erythropoietin in 2002, and he is currently completing a clinical trial for Perifozin.  

In 2005, he was appointed the Topometry Laboratory Chief in the Radiotherapy Clinic of the National Oncology Hospital in Sofia. 

For over 10 years he participated in the following Diagnostic-Treatment Committees: 

  • Member Radiotherapy Committee- National Oncology Hospital Sofia
  • Member Lung Cancer Committee-  National Oncology Hospital Sofia
  • Member Lymphoma Committee- National Hematology Center Sofia

Since 2006, he has been a member of the Oncology Commission of the Sveta Anna University Hospital.

He was appointed in November 2009 to lead the Radiotherapy Department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. 

Dr. Lazarov has extensive teaching experience, when he began working as a doctor he also became a lecture and practicum assistant for radiology technicians in the Yordanka Filaretova Medical College in Sofia. Since 1995, he has lead full lecture courses.

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Contact Details: 

To contact our radiotherapy team to inquire about receiving a treatment quote and/or to schedule a treatment please contact us at +359 2 403 4000 or write us an email at . 

In your email include any medical records you have detailing your specific medical case including MRIs, x-rays, clinical lab results and medical reports. Based on the medical records recieved from you, our radiotherapy team may require additional test results and/or reports in order to  provide you with a more accurate treatment plan and price quote. 

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Hospital location

51B "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" blvd. (if you drive, the entrance is from "At. Dukov" str.), "Hladilnika" distr., 1407 "Lozenets".

The hospital has a parking lot. The first 30 min. are free of charge, then a fee of 3 bgn/hours applies.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120
Shuttle bus: 32

Subway: Getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.


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With a subway, from "Central Railway Station" station, getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.