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20-21 MARCH, 2015



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Friday 20.03.2015 г.

9.00 - 10.00     Registration

The registration of participants will take place in the Congress Centre on the 9th floor of Tokuda Hospital. Theoretical  presentations are held in the Lecture Hall "Tokuda" on the 9th floor of Tokuda Hospital. The workshops will be held at Tokuda Hospital, floor B1 in the Radiotherapy Department. Coffee breaks will be held in the lobby of the Congress Centre on the 9th floor of Tokuda Hospital. Official dinner will be held at the restaurant of Central Hotel Forum, located at 41 Tsar Boris III Blvd., at 19.30.

10.00 – 10.20 Opening ceremony
 Ivet Payanova, Dr. Roumen Lazarov, Prof. Tatyana Hadjieva

10.20 -15.00

Moderators: Dr. Kamen Nedev, Dr. Denitsa Avgerinova

10.20 – 10.40 Patients positioning: background general principles and possible problems
Guy Vandevelde, ESTRO  

10.40 – 11.00 Patient positioning - Problems and Errors
Dobromira Dechkova, RTT; Dr. Iglika Mihaylova, National Oncology Center, Sofia

11.00  – 11.20  Errors and statistical deviation at calculation of the errors in positioning
Nikolay Mutkurov, Medical Physicist, Oncology Center, Bourgas

11.20  – 11.40  With Daily Quality Control Protocols to safe and accurate positioning and immobilization
Jovan Stevanovic, RTT,Belgrade, Serbia

11.40  – 12.00  Immobilization in radiotherapy of head and neck
Antonia Antonova, RTT, Tokuda Hospital, Sofia

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch

13.00 – 13.20  Methods and devices for compensation of respiratory movements in radiotherapy
Dr. Elitsa Encheva, UH St. Marina, Varna

13.20 – 13.40  Spirometric immobilization of lung, breast and liver targets
Robin Garcia, PhD, Medical Physicist, St. Catherine, Avignon, France, QFIX - DTL             

13.40 – 14.00  Immobilization in radiotherapyof pelvis
Dr. Nikola Bildirev, Oncology Center, Rousse

14.00 – 14.20 Immobilization in large field radiotherapytechniques
Dr. Vaska Vasileva, UH Queen Joanna, Sofia

14.20 – 14.40 Innovative Thermoplastics for Precise Patient Immobilization
Emilie Cuypers, ORFIT

14.40 – 15.00   Elekta Patient Positioning and Immobilization
Selma Cetin, ELEKTA

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee break

15.30 – 17.00
WORKSHOP PART I  - floor B1, Radiotherapy Department

CT Simulator room– ORFIT     

Linac Treatment room – ELEKTA

19.30  Official dinner


Saturday 21.03.2015 г.

9.00 - 13.00

Moderators: Dr. Roumen Lazarov, Dobromira Dechkova

9.00 – 9.10   Radiosurgery of head and neck. Introduction
Dr. Roumen Lazarov, Tokuda Hospital, Sofia

9.10 – 9.30   Cranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy - The role of RTT
Aleksandar Kostovski, RTT, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina  

9.30 – 9.50 Patient positioning and immobilization for stereotactic radiotherapy of head
Ilija Čurić, RTT, Belgrade, Serbia

9.50– 10.10 Head and neck immobilization in IGRT
Nikola Apostolovski, RTT, Skopje, Macedonia

10.10 – 10.40 Coffee break

10.40 – 11.00 Patient Immobilization Systemin Radiotherapy
Haluk Orhun, Medical Physicist, Medicana Ankara Hospital - RADON

11.00 – 11.20  Positioning and planning of a lung cancer patient
Dr. Stoyanka Georgieva, Tokuda Hospital, Sofia

11.20 – 11.40  Overview of patient immobilization in Turkey
Muharrem Ynar, RTT, Bursa, Turkey

11.40–12.00   Using the SC PACS in Radiotherapy
Valentin Tafrajiiski, SOFTWARE COMPANY

11.40 – 12.00  The role of 3D Imaging in Patient Positioning 
Susan Reid, BUL MED

12.00 – 12.20  Modern immobilization systems for the exact positioning in the radiotherapy

12.20 – 12.40 Smart ways of patient positioning in the age of compatibility
Gabor Pavlikovics, RTT, KLARITY – MQS, Hungary

12.40 – 13.30  Lunch

13.30 – 15.00
WORKSHOP PART II - floor B1, Radiotherapy Department

CT Simulator room– KLARITY     

Linac Treatment room – UNGER MEDIZINTECHNIK

15.00 – 15.15 Assessment and closing the course

15.15 – 15.30  Course evaluation and presentation of certificates
Guy Vandevelde, ESTRO

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Hospital location

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The hospital has a parking lot. The first 30 min. are free of charge, then a fee of 3 bgn/hours applies.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120
Shuttle bus: 32

Subway: Getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.


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