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Surgical Interventions performed by the THS thoracic surgery department:

Group I. Very large scope and complex operations, "highly specialized surgeries"

  1. Reconstructive and plastic surgery of the tracheobronchial tree with or without pulmonary resections
  2. Expanded pulmonectomies or partial resections of the lung ( with intrapericardial ligation and reconstruction of the vessels with/or without resections of adjacent organs and structures)
  3. Simultaneous cardiac and pulmonary procedures
  4. Segmental and poly-segmental resections of the lung
  5. One – stage bilateral pulmonary procedures with consecutive thoracotomies, clamshell incision or median sternotomy
  6. Sterno-laparotomy for one-stage procedure for bilateral pulmonary hydatidosis, associated with hepatic and splenic hydatidosis
  7. Pleurectomy with decortication
  8. Mediastinal tumor extirpation (removal) by thoracotomy or sternotomy with or without resection of adjacent structures
  9. Chest wall and sternum’s resection and reconstruction for large defects
  10. Thoracoplasty with/or without myoplasty or omentoplasty
  11. Video-assisted thoracic surgery (with or without minithoracotomy) – pulmonary resections, mediastinal tumor extirpation , pleurectomy and decortication, volume-reduction operations uni- or bi-lateral, operations on the lymphatic system
  12. Lung transplantation – single lung or heart-lung
  13. Resections, reconstructive or plastic procedures of the esophagus by thoracotomy, laparotomy or thoraco-abdominal incisions
  14. Video-assisted thoracoscopic or laparoscopic esophageal resections

 Group II. Large scope and complex operations, “Large Surgeries” 

  1. Pulmonectomy or partial pulmonary resection
  2. Video-assisted a-typical pulmonary resection of tumors, cysts or bullae
  3. Video-assisted enucleation of benign pulmonary tumors or cysts
  4. Lung volume reduction procedures – unilateral or bilateral (two-stage or one-stage via subsequent thoracotomies or medial sternotomy
  5. Bronchotomy for extraction of foreign objects
  6. Removal of congenital tracheoesophageal fistulas
  7. Video-assisted thoracic surgery for spontaneous pneumothorax with bullectomy or/with bulloraphia, a-typical wedge resection, pericardial fenestration etc
  8. Operations for congenital deformities of the chest wall.
  9. Conservative partial resection of the chest wall without creating large defects requiring reconstruction
  10. Thoracoplasty
  11. Thoracophrenotomy
  12. Omentoplasty for empyema including postpulmonectomy empyema
  13. Transthoracic procedures for diseases of the diaphragm
  14. Resection of the pharyngoesophageal, midesophageal and epiphrenic diverticula
  15. Torek procedure
  16. Operations of the terminal esophagus with abdominal approach, intestinal anastomoses, enterostomies.
  17. Operations for substernal goiter
  18. Procedures for hemothorax (corrective and revisions)
  19. Procedures of critical vascular structures including vascular suturing
  20. Thrombectomy of the pulmonary artery 

Group III. Medium scope and complexity operations, “Medium Surgeries” 

  1. Thoracotomy for open direct cardiac massage
  2. Thoracotomy for open direct pulmonary biopsy
  3. Explorative thoracotomy with staging biopsies
  4. Thoracotomy for spontaneous pneumothorax with pleural abrasion or pleurectomy
  5. Thoracotomy for sympathectomy
  6. Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) diagnostic biopsies of the lung, pleura, mediastinal lymph nodes and tumors, pleurodesis, debridement of the empyema space
  7. Anterior mediastinotomy
  8. Daniels Prescalenic biopsy
  9. Mediastinoscopy
  10. Insertion of a chest tube for pneumothorax or pleural effusions
  11. Mediastinal drainage
  12. Resection of a cervical rib, resection of one or more ribs
  13. Cervical esophagostomy
  14. Gastrostomy
  15. Tracheostomy
  16. Operations for cervical lipomas  

Group IV. Small scope and low complexity operations “Small Surgeries” 

  1. Skin-muscle biopsy of the cervical region and the thorax
  2. Primary closure of the wound in the cervical region and the thorax
  3. Incision of an abscess, furunculus and phlegmone of the cervical region and the chest wall
  4. Correction and plastic surgery of cervical and chest wall cicatrices
  5. Pleural space lavage via intrapleural catheter with infusion of pharmaceutical products or treatment enzymes

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Thoracic Surgery

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Hospital location

51B "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" blvd. (if you drive, the entrance is from "At. Dukov" str.), "Hladilnika" distr., 1407 "Lozenets".

The hospital has a parking lot. The first 30 min. are free of charge, then a fee of 3 bgn/hours applies.

Public transport:
Buses: №88, 120
Shuttle bus: 32

Subway: Getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.


From the Central Railway Station

Bus line №305 getting off at "Romanian embassy" stop
From "Romanian embassy" stop – Bus line №120 getting off at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.
(after the traffic lights at "Atanas Dukov" str.

With a subway, from "Central Railway Station" station, getting off at "James Bourchier" station, after that walking through "Lozenets" distr., or tram №10, taking off at "Nikola I. Vaptsarov" stop. or a bus №88, taking ff at "Tokuda Hospital" stop.